Introduction to Shamanism

If you are stuck in your personal growth..if you want to learn about Shamanism...if you wonder what it means to explore non-ordinary reality... if you are a reiki practitioner and want to expand your healing tools...if you want to learn how to connect with your spirit animal(s) and exxplore connections outside of linear time...this workshop is for you.

This workshop will take you on a fabulous journey outside of our conception of time to discover your own "secret garden" and how to connect with your spirit animal (or other phenomenal guides).  

You will learn the history of shamanism and how this applies in our world today.  You will see the connections between the lineage of indigenous teachings and modern-day psychology.  

You will learn (or review) the energetic chakra system and understand how this connects to nature-based archetypes.  You will experience the power of the four directions and our connection to the universe and the elements.

You will be astounded by your personal insights and get an up-close-and-personal experience of why energy medicine is growing in popularity - even among the scientific community.

This will rock your percpetions.  I promise.

Course Syllabus

A brief history of Shamanism

The Q'ero of Peru

Description of the Q'ero and basics of Quechua language

Chakra system

Discovering your "secret garden"

Meeting your spirit guide

During this section you will go on a shamanic journey to meet your power animal, or spirit animal. There is an audio of the journey, as well as a transcript for you to download. Enjoy!


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